Heat Seal Shrink Bundling Equipment

Heat Seal bundling machines are simple, reliable bundlers. Bundling equipment is often used to package multi-packs of bottles and cans, and other retail multi-pack products with and without trays and pads.

Bundling machines wrap products together with film that covers the top and bottom of the package with the sides usually enclosed with a bull's eye in a shrink tunnel.

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Heat Seal SW-3614 Semi-Automatic Shrink Bundler

With a 36 inch wide seal bar, the Heat Seal SW3614 semi-automatic shrink bundler is designed for bundling trayed products.

Heat Seal T-4832 Shrink Bundling Tunnel

Heat Seal T4832 Shrink Bundling Tunnels are designed for large capacity applications with a 48L x 32W x 12H chamber.

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