Heat Seal T-4832 Shrink Bundling Tunnel

Heat Seal T-4832 Shrink Bundling Tunnel

At a Glance

  • 48 inch L x 32 inch W x 12 inch H chamber dimensions
  • High-velocity air flow with dual mechanical controls
  • Three heat zones

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Large Shrink Bundling Tunnel

The Heat Seal large-capacity T-4832 shrink bundling tunnel has a 12" tunnel opening, with internal dimensions of 48" long x 32" wide.


Tunnel Chamber
Inside tunnel dimensions: 48"L x 32"W x 12"H
Digital tunnel temperature control
High-velocity air flow with dual mechanical controls
Open coil heating element guaranteed for 10 years
Three heat zones
High-temperature limit switch
Automatic cool down extends heating element life
Conveyor Features
Quick change 5/8" diameter live/dead rollers with 2" spacing
Unique pre-shrink feature allows for 25% more bottom shrink
One quarter horsepower motor with adjustable conveyor speeds up to 70 feet per minute

Other Features

Heavy gauge adjustable height console with levelers and 3" casters
Two year warranty


Glass filled nylon (GFN) belt
Stainless steel construction (T4832S)
Stainless steel wire mesh belt conveyor
Non-stick mesh belt conveyor (TMB)
Roller Spacing: 1"
Adjustable product guide rails
Pack cooler fan (for polyethylene)
16" high chamber opening (T4832/16)
Left hand reverse flow
Export crating

Specifications of the Heat Seal T-4832 Shrink Bundling Tunnel

Inside Tunnel Dimensions 48"L x 32"W x 12"H
(122L x 81W x 30H cm)
Overall Dimensions 74"L x 41"W x 58"H
(189L x 104W x 148H cm)
Wattage 12,900
Weight 860 lbs (391 kg)
Conveyor Variable speed, quick change live/dead silicone covered rollers with 2" spacing
Conveyor Speed 0 - 35 ft/min (0 - 10.7 m/min)
0 - 70 ft/min LDR (0 - 21 m/min LDR)
Power 208-240 Volts, 54 Amps, Three Phase

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