Evolution High-Resolution Ink Jet Case Printers

Professional Packaging Systems offers Evolution high-resolution ink jet printers made by Digital Design. These printers are easy to set up, easy to operate, and offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any competitive ink jet printing system available. The Evolution Printer Series easily mount on conveyors, tape machines, case erectors, bag sealers, and more.

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Evolution EV IV High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Print one-inch characters from a single Evolution IV print head. Crisp codes, easy system setup, little to no maintenance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Evolution EV III High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Evolution III complete printer system features a 7-inch color touch-screen controller. This printing system is capable of stitching up to four printhead modules to produce alpha/numeric characters up to 1-inch high, and graphics, logos, and barcodes up to 2 inches in height.

Evolution EV II High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Evolution II printer system is complete - including mounting bracketry, hand-held controller, and printhead module with internal product sensor. The EV II features a complete software package, a backlit WYSIWYG display, up to four lines of print and eight barcode symbologies as standard.

Evolution EV I High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Evolution I printer system is complete and ready to install right out of the box. The system includes mounting bracketry, hand-held controller with tactile keypad for message entry, and the printhead module with internal product sensor.

Evolution SC Small-Character High-Resolution Printer

Evolution SC complete printer system includes a hand-held controller, printhead module, product sensor, mounting bracketry, and power supply. A complete software package comes standard, featuring expanded message storage and message length, date and time coding in a variety of formats, and more.

Evolution Hand-Held High-Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Evolution high resolution ink jet printers are available in a portable hand-held model which can be used for field tagging applications, replacing manually applied labels and manual stencilling operations. The hand held-held model can be supplied with the EV I, EV II, EV I LX, and EV II LX printhead modules.

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