FoxJet High-Resolution Ink Jet Case Printers

Pro Pac offers FoxJet high-resolution case coding ink jet systems for the industrial marketplace. FoxJet state-of-the-art ink jet controllers incorporate color touch screen technology with robust, durable construction for the ease-of-use in harsh, industrial environments. FoxJet ink jet case coding solutions provide industry-leading clean operation, reliable up-time, and low maintenance.

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FoxJet ProSeries High-Resolution Ink Jet Case Printers

FoxJet ProSeries industrial ink jet printers have a high-resolution printing quality and are built for reliability offering various printing capabilities including up to 4 inch print area of text, graphics and barcodes.

FoxJet SoloSeries High-Resolution Ink Jet Case Printers

FoxJet SoloSeries thermal ink jet printers feature three controller options as well as a choice of two head heights, and up to 10 lines of alphanumerics as well as logos and 1D and 2D barcodes.

FoxJet Vx Series Case Coding Printers

FoxJet Vx Series Integrated Valve Systems feature 9x and 18x printheads that mark and code from 0.5 inch to 2 inch in print height.

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