Ossid Tray Packaging Equipment

Ossid designs and builds industry-leading high-speed tray overwrappers and tray sealers.

With high speeds, tight wrapping, and material efficiencies, Ossid equipment combine ease of operation, PVC stretch film capabilities, stainless steel construction, and servo driven technology. Running at speeds up to 120 trays per minute, Ossid tray packaging equipment brings speed and precision together to increase production and reduce labor and material costs.

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Ossid TS-72 Dual Lane Tray Sealer

The Ossid TS-72 dual-lane tray sealer is a robust, affordable solution designed for sealing trays, cups, and rounds and vacuum skin pack applications.

Ossid OTS-32 Tray Sealer

The Ossid OTS-32 tray sealer is designed for growing markets requiring a robust, affordable solution for tray sealing and vacuum skin pack packaging lines.

Ossid OTS-10 Table Top Tray Sealer

The Ossid OTS-10 table top tray sealing machine is designed to meet the production needs of small to medium volume packaging lines.

Ossid 750-E Leak Resistant Overwrapper

The 750-E Leak Proof Overwrapper takes the most desirable packaging attributes from Ossid's 500-E overwrapper and adds the ability to do Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Ossid 500-E Leak Resistant Overwrapper

The 500-E Overwrapping Stretch Shrink Wrapper pays for itself by using 36 to 41% less film than standard overwrap packaging machines.

Ossid 500-IM Intermittent Motion Leak Resistant Overwrapper

The Ossid 500-IM is a cost effective end seal overwrapper, producing tightly wrapped case-ready packages at speeds up to 40 trays per minute.

Ossid 500-SI Fold & Tuck Overwrapper

The Ossid 500-SI is a cost effective tuck and fold overwrapper, producing tightly wrapped case-ready trays at speeds up to 120 packages per minute.

Ossid 500-HWT Hot Water Tunnel

The Ossid 500-HWT Hot Water Tunnel is designed for use with Ossid end seal machines and provides hot water shrink to maximize package integrity.

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