Ossid 500E Leak Resistant Overwrapper

Ossid 500E Leak Resistant Overwrapper

At a Glance

  • Uses 5 to 10% less film
  • Up to 60 packages per minute
  • Consistently produces tightly wrapped trays

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Ossid 500E Leak Resistant Overwrapper

Package a Wide Range of Tray Types with 5-10% Less Film

The NextGen 500E Overwrap Stretch Shrink Wrapper sets the mark for producing cost-effective high or low profile case-ready packaging, and is the industry standard for overwrapping machinery with over 1,000 installations worldwide.

The Next Generation 500E machine was built based on customer feedback. Ossid's NextGen 500E can easily package a wide range of tray types (including traditional foam, compostable, and clear plastic roll flange trays) and sizes.

The Ossid 500-E uses 5-10% less film than non-gripper chain systems.

Left and right hand machines are available to fit the needs of your processing setup. The NextGen500E has a small footprint and is ideal for space-constrained environments.

The NextGen 500E leak-resistant overwrap packaging equipment consistently produces tightly wrapped, end-sealed, case-ready packages at speeds up to 60 packages per minute.

Features & Benefits

Uses 5-10% less film than competitive over wrap packaging machines
Clear tray ready
Overall IP65 washdown rating (most sensors on board IP69K)
Package a wide range of tray types and sizes
Left and right hand machines are available to fit customer processing facility needs
Small footprint
Custom Maintenance reminders
OEE reporting system available
Consistent tightly wrapped packaging
Leak resistant end seals
Welded, trimmed center seal allows for easy printing on both the top and bottom of packages
Runs tray sizes from #2 to 10" x 15" including #9 and heights up to 5 1/4"
Runs at speeds up to 60 packages per minute
Creates leak resistant high or low profile case-ready packaging
Gripper chain system consistently stretches end seal shrink films to produce tightly wrapped packages
Stores up to 100 Tray Programs in the system for easy product change-overs within two minutes or less
Servo driven technology and microprocessors reduce downtime and maintenance
Trim removal canister built-in
Stainless steel construction
Built to meet highest industry safety standards


Water recirculation system uses less than 1 gallon/day
500 HWT Hot Water Tunnel provides hot water shrink to maximize package integrity
Automatic Indexer turns machine into a high-efficiency, one-operator production station
OEE reporting system available provides real time data
Sensor upgrades

Technical Specifications

Length: Standard Infeed: 163.5" (3860mm) | Auto Indexer: 181.375" (4318mm)
Height: Standard Infeed: 68-71" (1422-1549mm) | Auto Indexer: 68-71" (1422-1549mm)
Width: Standard Infeed: 49" (1346mm) | Auto Indexer: 49" (1346mm)
Electrical: 230 VAC, 3Ph
Patents: 5,259,170; Re. 35,243; 5,385,004; 5,269,119; 5,271,210; 5,775,065

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