Greenbridge Strapping Equipment

Greenbridge (formerly Polychem) strapping machines provide reliable high-speed strapping for a broad range of applications. Robust automatic strappers are designed for stand-alone operations. Fully-automatic strapping machines handle demanding in-line industrial production without an operator.

Super heavy-duty construction supports these strapping machines to strap variety of loads, from light-weight products like magazines, to heavy loads like ceramic tile.

Engineered for a variety of bundling applications, Greenbridge strapping machines are used in all kinds of industries, including: agricultural, protein, seafood, corrugated, newspaper, magazine, cut size paper, laundry, and many others.

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Greenbridge Fully-Automatic Strapping Equipment

Streamline your production, increase efficiency, and lower costs with Greenbridge fully-automatic in-line strapping machines that require no operator to apply the strap.

Greenbridge Automatic Strapping Equipment

From light and moderate to medium and heavy production requirements, Greenbridge has the right strapping machine for your application.

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