Greenbridge PC9800 Automatic Strapping Machine

Greenbridge Polychem PC9800 Automatic Strapping Machine

At a Glance

  • Extra wide arch sizes 84 to 134 inches
  • Runs both polypropylene and polyester strap
  • User friendly HMI delta touch controls
  • Powered by servo motors

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Greenbridge Polychem PC9800 Automatic Strapping Machine
Greenbridge Polychem PC9800 Automatic Strapping Machine Strap Head

Extra Wide Arch Automatic Strapping Machine

The Greenbridge PC9800 is designed for precision controlled strapping on larger products such as collapsed cartons and windows and doors. The PC9800 features the flexibility to run either polypropylene or polyester strapping which allows you to strap a variety of applications.


Higher speed and tighter tolerances with Mitsubishi PLC
Application flexibility with PET or PP strap option
Simpler operation with user friendly HMI touch control
Insured positive feeding with two arch assist motors


Auto strap load
Mitsubishi PLC
Powered by servo motors
7" Delta HMI
Loop ejector
Easy access hinged table tops with rollers standard
Utilizes larger 16 x 6 core coils
Capability to run PP or PET/ set through the HMI control panel
Central heat seal
Arch sizes from 84" to 134" wide

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Specifications of the PC9800

Cycle Rate Up to 32 straps per minute (depending on arch and package size)
Stock Arch Widths 84" to 134"
Table Height 31.5"
Strap Tension Up to 200 lbs
Strapping Material Polypropylene & polyester: 3/8", 1/2"
Core Size 16" x 6"
Electrical Requirements 110V, 60Hz, 1 Phase
also 220V-9Ph & 440V-3Ph
Machine Weight 575 lbs (depending on arch)

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