Emplex Band Sealers

Pro Pac offers the complete line of Emplex band sealers and table-top pnuematic bag sealing machines. Emplex continuous band sealers provide fast, precise, strong seals for bagged products that are hand-fed or conveyed. These bag sealers deliver high-performance and seal integrity with nearly any heat-sealable film. Emplex band sealing systems are built in horizontal, vertical, and custom configurations for a wide range of specialty and high-speed applications. Rugged and versatile, these bag sealers provide outstanding performance for products of nearly any weight, size, and type. All styles of bags and pouches seal perfectly, including stand-up, gusseted, pillow, wicketed, and zippered bags.

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Emplex Automated Bagging Systems

Emplex automated bagging systems are reliable and simple to use for a variety of applications. These custom and standard systems are easily paired with fillers, scales, and other packaging equipment to provide a full ROI within one year.

Emplex Validatable Band Sealing Systems

Emplex validatable band sealers are made for medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dental, and many food manufacturers that require validated consistent seal integrity.

Emplex Vacuum Sealing and Gas Flushing Bag Sealing System

Emplex heavy-duty, vacuum-sealing and gas flushing sealers provide added sealing power while protecting and increasing the shelf life of your food products. Great for producers of coffee, snacks, pre-baked goods, electronics, medical products, and fresh or dried food, produce, and meat.

Emplex High-Speed Band Sealing Machines

Emplex heavy-duty, high-speed band sealers deliver added sealing power and high-speed performance. Great for products over two pounds or products that require extra-strong seals, use high-density films, or have high-speed production.

Emplex Standard and Semi-Auto Bag Sealing Machines

Emplex standard band sealers perform well for a wide range of products packaged in pre-made, heat-sealable bags. They can be customized for your packaging and performance requirements. Emplex ACS 6200 and 7200 semi-automatic bag sealing systems are designed for fast horizontal and angled bag sealing.

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