Emplex Automated Bagging Systems

Emplex automated bagging systems are reliable and simple to use for a variety of applications. These custom and standard systems are easily paired with conveyors, fillers, scales, and other packaging equipment.

The fully-automatic Emplex ABS Automated Bagging System opens, fills, weighs, and seals up to 15 stand-up bags per minute. The made-to-order Emplex Automated Bagging System typically provides a full ROI within one year of operation for most customers.

The Emplex Instabag Automated Bagging System automatically creates sealed bags from printed and no-print film stock, creating hermetic side seals and cross seals to form a bag around low profile products of nearly any length.

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Emplex ABS Fully-Automated Bagging System

The Emplex Instabag system bags regular and oversized products in no-print film by creating continuous, parallel hermetic seals on two sheets of film.

Emplex Instabag Automated Bagging System

The Emplex MPS 7103 band sealer produces hermatically-sealed gas flushed or vacuum sealed bags that weigh less than 2 lbs.

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