Emplex Vacuum Sealing and Gas Flushing Band Sealers

Emplex gas-flushing vacuum-sealing systems create gas flushed or vacuumed bags that are hermetically sealed.

Vacuum-sealed bags extend shelf life, protect against corrosion, and reduce volume for more compact packages. Emplex vacuum bag sealers are available as impulse sealers and continuous band systems. Producers of coffee, electronics, medical devices, nutraceuticals, fresh or dried food, produce, and meat improve their packaging with these vacuum sealers.

Nitrogen gas flush systems can be added to Eastey vacuum sealers for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) that increase protection, prolong freshness, and significantly extend the shelf life of many food products.

Emplex validatable vacuum sealers are ideal for medical device packaging that require validation of all process parameters.

Stainless steel nozzles and high flow vacuum pumps provide quiet, efficient operation. Emplex continuous band sealer vacuum systems produce up to 20 bags a minute. Emplex vacuum sealers easily integrate into any packaging operation including clean room and wet environments.

Easy to operate, maintain and upgrade for years of reliable, high-quality vacuum bag and pouch sealing.

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Emplex MPS 7503 Vacuum Sealing Gas Flushing Band Sealer with Conveyor

Utilizing a support conveyor, Emplex MPS 7503 band sealers are made for vacuum sealed or gas flushed bags and pouches weighing over 2 lbs.

Emplex MPS 7103 Vacuum Sealing Gas Flushing Band Sealer

The Emplex MPS 7103 band sealer produces hermatically-sealed gas flushed or vacuum sealed bags that weigh less than 2 lbs.

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