Ohlson Weighing, Filling & Counting Systems

Pro Pac offers the excellent line of Ohlson weighing, counting, and filling equipment for pillow bags, premade pouches, boxes, bottles, cups and trays.

Ohlson packaging equipment includes vertical packaging machines, vertical form fill seal machines, horizontal open fill seal machines, auger fillers, and screw conveyors. Ohlson material handling systems include bucket elevators, rotary tables, indexing conveyors, takeaway and cleated incline conveyors.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your weighing, filling, and counting equipment.


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Ohlson Weighing & Counting Systems

Ohlson combination weighers, counters, linear weighers, augers, volumetric fillers, and liquid fillers are designed and built for highly accurate high-speed applications.

Ohlson Cup and Tray Filling Systems

Ohlson cup and tray sealing systems quickly fill trays and cups with various products including medical devices, hardware, and food products such as snacks and frozen meals.

Ohlson Bottle Filling and Capping Systems

Ohlson Packaging rotary bottle filling and capping machinery is a compact system that automatically fills bottles with liquid, powders or solids.

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