Ohlson Weighing & Counting Systems

Ohlson combination weighers, counters, linear weighers, augers, volumetric fillers, and liquid fillers are designed and built for highly accurate high-speed applications. Ohlson fillers integrate directly with their VFFX Series vertical baggers.

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Ohlson Multi-Head Weighers

Ohlson stainless steel multi-head scales and counters are made for high-accuracy and high-speed applications.

Ohlson Linear Weighers

Ohlson linear weighing and counting systems are an ideal solution for automating your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes.

Ohlson Linear Combination Weighers

Ohlson linear combination weighing systems use screw feeders to move wet and sticky products.

Ohlson Auger Equipment

Ohlson augers fill bags, boxes, trays and jars with powered and granulated products with exceptional speed and accuracy.

Ohlson Volumetric Fillers

Ohlson volumetric fillers can fill up to 60 batches per minute with variable speed control that easily regulates flow.

Ohlson Liquid Piston Fillers

Ohlson piston fillers are designed and built for liquid filling applications.

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