Ohlson Volumetric Fillers

Ohlson Volumetric Fillers

At a Glance

  • Fill up to 60 batches per minute
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable speed control easily regulates flow

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Ohlson Volumetric Fillers

Automate Volumetric Filling

Ohlson volumetric fillers can fill up to 60 batches per minute. These volumetric fillers have stainless steel construction. Variable speed control easily regulates flow, and filling ranges are simply adjusted with a hand wheel.


Up to 60 bpm
200 to 2000ml filling range
Stainless steel construction
Nylon plastic cups
Cup filling ranges can be adjusted with hand wheel
Motor driven
Variable speed control easily regulates flow
Infeed hopper
Easy to operate and easy to clean


Additional set of cups for different weights
VFFX baggers

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