FastWrap Bubble Material

AirPouch FastWrap Bubble On-Demand and Tube On-Demand Packaging Materials offer a flexible, durable form of protective packing. FastWrap bubble materials secure and cushion your products in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

FastWrap Bubble On-Demand is pre-perforated every 10" so the packer can select the right amount of material. The channel-filled honeycomb design allows for multi-directional wrapping and improves product protection.

FastWrap Tubes are used in block-and-brace applications, and feature our exclusive EZ-Tear perforations between each tube, making them easier to separate while decreasing product waste.

FastWrap Bubble On-Demand and FastWrap Tubes are available in durable linear low density polyethylene film, and also in EarthAware biodegradable and recycled films.

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FastWrap DuraClear 2000 Bubble Material

DuraClear 2000 AirPouch FastWrap bubbles and tubes are made from enhanced linear low density polyethylene. DC2 is a specially formulated, linear low density polyethylene with superior durability, puncture-resistance, clarity and strength.

FastWrap DuraClear 2000 Biodegradable Bubble Material

Biodegradable DuraClear bubbles and tubes offer an environmentally responsible way to protect your products. These AirPouch FastWrap cushioning products feature our patent-pending, channel-filled design, which allows multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection.

FastWrap Recycled Bubble Material

Recycled AirPouch FastWrap cushioning bubbles and tubes are manufactured with at least 95% pre-consumer recycled content. Designed to provide an environmentally responsible way to protect your products, this material provides a cost-effective alternative to other sustainable products.

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