Skin Packaging Equipment, Skin Film & Board

Powerful, durable Starview heavy-duty skin packaging and die cutting equipment is perfect for packaging after market auto parts. Shipping industrial products from your business to another? Skin packaging is a perfect low-cost solution for protecting heavy parts during transit. Our skin packaging Surlyn film conforms to products and secures them to corrugated pads as well as to skin board.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your skin packaging equipment and skin packaging materials.

Skin Packaging & Die Cutting Equipment

Pro Pac offers robust Starview and reliable Heat Seal Ampak skin packaging equipment. Great for industrial products, skin packaging seals products between a top layer of heated plastic and a bottom layer of adhesive-coated card stock.

Skin Packaging Film & Board

Skin packaging conforms to your products and seals them on paperboard backer. Use printed skin board for retail products. Use plain corrugated pads for protecting and shipping industrial items.

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