Fin Seal Flow Wrapping Equipment, Fin Seal Film, Contract Flow Wrapping Services

Flow wrap your products at high speeds with our Hayssen and PFM fin seal systems. We can supply your fin seal film. It can be as simple as a clear polypropylene or a custom laminate with full color printing and barrier properties for gas flushing. Don't want to buy equipment? Our fin seal packaging services will flow wrap very large quantities of your products. We can help with a long-term packaging relationship or a short term, high quantity, fast turn around project.

Fin Seal Flow Wrap Equipment

Fin seal machines, also called flow wrappers, provide fast horizontally wrapped packages with or without printed film. These machines have a wide range of options and infeed conveyors to customize your packaging process to perfectly package your products.

Flow Wrapping Fin Seal Film

Pro Pac supplies flow wrapping film in all available materials. Fin seal material can be clear or opaque, printed or plain, single layer film or multilayer laminate structures.

Contract Fin Seal Flow Wrapping Services

Need to have a million products packaged quickly? Qual Pac's fin seal packaging services offer you a high-speed process for wrapping large quantities of your products in sealed tamper-resistant material.