Multiple Dual-Direction Strapping and Conveying System

Stand alone conveyor system applies four security straps to large corrugated boxes in two perpendicular directions at rates of up to 30 boxes per minute.

Increase your packaging rates, reduce your material costs, and cut your labor expenses with a custom-designed high-speed packaging line. The professionals at Pro Pac will engineer a cost-effective packaging process that is perfectly suited for your products and your facility.

We will determine and install every packaging station from the point where your product enters your packaging area to the point where it's ready to be shipped.

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Strapping Large Boxes Twice in Both Directions

Strapping Large Boxes Twice in Both Directions

The system receives boxes from production by motorized pallet jacks and automatically transfers boxes to the strapping position and applies two straps.

Box Lifter and Rotater

Box Lifter and Rotator

The box moves downstream for automatic lifting and 90 degree rotation. Once rotated, the box returns to the strapping position where two additional straps are applied.

Strapped Box Discharge

Strapped Box Discharge

The box transfers out to gravity accumulation discharge.