Product Discharge with Gravity Roller Conveyor

Strapping and Stretch Wrapping Large Glass Doors

This system is engineered for securing large objects with straps and spiral wrapped stretch film.

Following final doorframe assembly, the operator rotates and positions the load vertically onto the infeed conveyor of the wrapper with a vacuum pick-and-place unit.

The doorframe is prepared for wrapping by adding corrugated corner protectors.

Final inspection is also done in this vertical position.

The operator manually advances the doorframe into the strapper arch, initiates the strap cycle, and advances the doorframe into the infeed conveyor of the wrapper.

The wrapper automatically moves the frame to the wrap position for manual placement of the film tail and operator initiation of the wrapping cycle.

Upon completion of the wrap cycle, the wrapper stops and waits for the operator to cut the film tail and manually advance the finished wrapped frame to the discharge conveyor.

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Product Discharge

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