Weigh Right A Series Volumetric Filler

Weigh Right A Series Volumetric Fillers

At a Glance

  • Dispense 1 oz to 10 lbs of powders and granular products
  • Advanced dust control
  • Gentler on products than a standard auger feeder

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Weigh Right A Series Volumetric Fillers

Volumetric Filling Systems for Powder and Granular Products

Weigh Right A Series high-speed volumetric fillers dispense 1 oz to 10 lbs of powders and granular products with advanced dust control.

The A series volumetric fillers are more versatile and gentler on products than a standard auger feeder. These systems handle a large range of powders and granular products like ground spices, seasoning blends, health powders, ground coffee, detergents, chemicals, drink mixes, cake mixes and similar products.

Product comes through the supply hopper inlet and fills a cavity in the rotor. As the rotor cycles the product is portioned out by the meter valve and streams into the container for gradual air displacement.

This design puts negligible friction on the product and contains dust. No change parts are needed when changing package weights.

Features & Benefits

For food and non-food applications
Low friction product handling
Dust tight containment
No change parts needed when changing package weights
Semi-automatic and fully-automatic models


Ground spices
Seasoning blends
Health powders
Ground coffee
Drink mixes
Cake mixes


Casters for portability
Supply hopper vibrator
Support frame to fit over bagger
Container indexing conveyors
Attachable spouts to suit containers
Supply hopper cover with 6" flange
Diving spout to provide a clean fill
Vibrating table to settle product
Unscrambler table
Accumulation table

Weights and Rates of Volumetric Fillers

A-1 A-2
1oz to 16oz 60 cpm 120 cpm
1lb to 2lbs 30 cpm 60 cpm
5 lbs 12 cpm 24 cpm
10 lbs 6 cpm 12 cpm

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