Weigh Right PMB-CT Series Piece Count Scale

Weigh Right PMB-CT Series Piece Count Scale

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  • Fills packages of 50 to 10,000 pieces and more
  • Accuracy on most products is 0-2 pieces over
  • Use with an operator, indexing conveyor or automatic bagger

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Weigh Right PMB-CT Series Piece Count Scale

Piece Count Scales

Weigh Right PMB-CT weigh-count scales are designed to fill packages of 50 to 10,000 pieces or more of plastic pieces, small hardware tablets, small packets and food products listed by the number of pieces on the package.

These weigh-count systems use the average piece weight taken from a sample set of pieces prior to the production run. The scale will vibrate the product into the weigh bucket registering the piece count on the indicator. Accuracy on most products larger than 0.25" is 0-2 pieces over.

These systems are application-specific to your product line and designed to be used by an operator or interfaced with an indexing conveyor or automatic bagger. Menu driven controls provide job storage for easy recall.

Weights and Rates of PMB-CT Piece Count Scales

PMB-1CT: 6 cpm
PMB-2CT: 12 cpm
PMB-3CT: 18 cpm
PMB-4CT: 24 cpm

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