Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Equipment

Pro Pac offers modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) equipment, also called nitrogen or gas flushing equipment, is an innovative technology that extends the shelf-life of food products without the need for preservatives or freezing.

MAP is a unique technology that creates modified atmosphere that can achieve residual oxygen rates of 1% or less. Additionally, products packed with MAP cause no harm to texture or appearance in your products, opening entirely new markets.

Prolonged shelf life will provide you with maximum efficiency in the supply chain, save in spoilage, and will significantly improve your profitability as a producer and supplier of food products.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Tray Sealing Machine

MAP Tray Packaging Equipment

Tray sealing machines are ideal for fresh and deli retail food products. The tray contains and protects the food with printed or unprinted film lid stock that allows consumers to clearly see your products. MAP gas flushing capabilities will extend shelf life and create the possibility for extending your distribution radius.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

MAP Vertical Form Fill & Seal Equipment

Automatically weigh and package your products with a high-speed vertical form fill seal bagging system. Ideal for snack food packaging, a VFFS system will dramatically increase productivity, save time, and decrease costs. Package a variety of products in side-gusset, pillow, fin seal and lap seal bags. Prolong shelf life with nitrogen, and be accurate to the gram.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Fin Seal Flow Wrapping Equipment

MAP Fin Seal Flow Wrap Equipment

Fin seal machines, also called flow wrappers, provide fast horizontally wrapped packagages with or without printed film. Designed for single-item food products such as fresh produce and sandwiches in trays. These machines have a wide range of options and infeed conveyors to customize your packaging process to perfectly package your products.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Band Sealing Equipment

MAP Band Sealing Equipment

Gas-flushing band sealing systems create gas flushed bags and pouches that are hermetically sealed. Nitrogen gas flush systems for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) increase protection, prolong freshness, and significantly extend the shelf life of many food products.

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