Three Pillars of Environmental Social, Governance (ESG)

Businesses play a substantial role in seriously addressing some of our world's most important challenges.

Companies can minimize their negative impacts and maximize their positive contributions by implementing principled strategies that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

Organizations can undertake environmental issues like climate change, waste and resource scarcity, handle social issues like labor practices, talent management and product safety, as well as attend to governance topics like board diversity, executive pay and business ethics.

ESG reporting discloses information, data and metrics that describe a business’s impact and added value in these three areas of environmental, social, and governance.

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Environmental Assessment Pillar

Climate Change Natural Resources Pollution & Waste Environmental Opportunities
Climate change vulnerability Operational eco-efficiency Toxic emission & waste Clean technology
Greenhouse gas emissions Biodiversity & land use Environmental taxes Green building
Product & service carbon footprint Water stress Packaging & material waste Green office
Financing environmental impact Energy use Electronic waste Renewable energy
Environmental compliance Raw material sourcing Environmentally friendly innovation
Circular economy

Social Assessment Pillar

Human Resources Product & Service Liability Stakeholder Engagement Social Opportunities
Human resources management Supply chain management Relations with public authorities Access to education
Occupational health & safety Human rights Controversial sourcing Access to communication
Training & development Product & service safety and quality Community engagement Access to finance
Talent attraction & retention Customer health & safety Philanthropy Access to health care
Employee engagement Privacy & data security Local economic & social impact Opportunities in nutrition & health
Supply chain labor standards Chemical safety
Work-life balance Customer satisfaction
Diversity, inclusion, equal treatment Responsible investment

Governance Assessment Pillar

Corporate Governance Corporate Culture
Leadership responsibility Compliance
Board diversity Business ethics
Risk management Anti-competitive practices
Renumeration Anti-money laundering
Executive pay Financial system stability
Ownership Stability & anti-corruption
Accounting Tax transparency & reporting
Legal capabilities

Sustainability through Pro Pac and a Variety of Resources

How Can We Help You?

We'll get right back to you

We are here to help you reach your sustainability goals with our service and product offerings. We also want to provide other valuable sustainability resources.

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