Markem-Imaje 5940 G High-Resolution Inkjet Printer

Markem-Imaje 5940 G High-Resolution Inkjet Printer

At a Glance

  • Highest quality codes for GS1-128 compliance
  • Reduce preprinted corrugate case inventory with late-stage customization
  • No need to stop the line to refill ink
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Markem-Imaje 5940 G High-Resolution Inkjet Printer
Markem-Imaje 5940 G High-Resolution Inkjet Printer Sample
Markem-Imaje 5940 G High-Resolution Inkjet Printer Sample
Markem-Imaje 5940 G High-Resolution Inkjet Printer Sample

Superior Coding Ensures Readability and Compliance

The Markem Imaje 5940 G provides coding quality, compliance, operational efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with a sustainable solution.

Proven Code Quality Made Even Better with Intelli'Flow Technology
Intelli'Flow technology keeps the printhead jets clear by preventing ink and dust buildup through an innovative air flow design; additionally, a filtering mechanism prevents air bubbles from forming in the ink during high-speed printing ensuring scannable and well-defined codes.

Highest Quality Codes for GS1-128 Compliance
For C grade barcodes trust our Touch Dry inks that solidify on contact unlike liquid inks that lose resolution by spreading along corrugate fibers. And our exclusive high optical density inks deliver increased contrast on barcodes. A variety of colored inks are available to further emphasize your brand.

Code Verification via Advanced Vision Inspection
You need your coding to be rock-solid reliable. Our proven verification and automated inspection solutions ensure you consistently ship high-quality readable, accurate codes.

Maximize Uptime, Increase Production, Simplify Maintenance

Designed for Serviceability
An average of 15-minutes — setting new standards and driving OEE improvements.

IP54-Rated Controller
Improves dust resistance and performs in tough manufacturing environments. Stainless steel cabinet option available for wet environments to avoid oxidation and rust.

10" Color Touch User Interface
Intuitive menu structure for faster print selection and reduced downtime between jobs.

No Plant Air
Air flow is generated internally rather than requiring external air compressors.

Faster Ramp-Up
Increase production time up to 6.9%. Reduce start-up time by 67% with patented reservoir heating or use the pre-shift automatic start timer.

Boost Productivity
With a 75% larger ink container than most competitors, the 5940 G ensures 43% less operator intervention. There is no need to stop the line to refill ink. Refill on the fly! With no solvents to mix, consumables management is clean and easy.

Greater Automation Provides Efficiency and Data Integrity
The 5940 G supports 1D and 2D scanners for lookup and verification, comes standard with five inputs and five outputs, all programmable. Option to expand to an additional five inputs and five outputs, also all programmable. Can integrate with PLCs and corporate databases.


Worry-Free Code Management
Packaging Intelligence Suite powered by CoLOS provides simple message coding and job creation. Expand your printer's capabilities with additional solutions to drive efficiency and maximize uptime while ensuring your packaging and coding is accurate and traceable.

Environmentally Friendly
Touch Dry inks are free of odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), comply with global food packaging guidelines and are supplied in highly recyclable Polypropylene (PP) containers.

Reduced Preprint and Labels
High-resolution inkjet coders reduce your preprinted corrugate case inventory with late-stage customization capabilities. Avoid the use of expensive labels and avoid the disposal of label waste and cores.


Controller, Options, and Accessories Setup
Choose one, two, three, or up to four printheads
Printhead orientations: Vertical, horizontal, and down jetting
Up to 25° from vertical printhead tilt angle (tilted conveyor)
Optional remote user interface: 10” color LCD touchscreen for image selection, print preview, variable data entry, diagnostics and system setup
Web UI (user interface)
Large central ink reservoir with umbilicals to printheads
Ink replenishment: User prompted to add ink - without suspending printing
Encoder Options
Internal for fixed conveyor speed printing
External for optimizing print quality
(Recommended for bar code printing)
Photo-edge sensors: Print (trigger) signal and a maximum of four per system
System Operation
Selectable multi-language menus
Image preview
Access levels password protection
Three levels of user messages: Information, warnings, and errors
Full system diagnostic menu
Interfaces and Communication
Communications interfaces/protocols: Ethernet, HJC, DCP, NGPCL, PackML
File transfer and firmware upgrade by USB port
Hardware I/O: 5 inputs/5 outputs, all programmable
Optional integrated expansion I/O board for an additional 5 inputs/5 outputs, all programmable
Standard scanner interfaces: 1D/2D scanner by power over ethernet (POE) and handheld scanner (USB)
Remote keyboard interface
Limited Daily Maintenance
Printhead daily care: Wiping, purging and test print capability

Print Features

Print density DPI - ink drops per inch Typical speed (m/min) Max speed (m/min)
1 150 x 200 121.9 182
2 300 x 200 61 91
3 450 x 200 40.6 61
4 600 x 200 30.5 45
5 750 x 200 24.4 36
Print Head:
- Vertical DPI: 200
- Addressable jets: 256
- Nozzles: 512
Print densities: 1 to 10.
Encoder scaling: Allows for conveyor line speed matching and for higher print speeds with a reduction in the print resolution.
Print area: Maximum/printhead print height: 65 mm (2.56") Print length: 3,000 mm (118.11").
Print Specification: Full true type fonts supported.
Time, date, serial: Real-time clock (hr/min/sec), dates and auto updating best before dates and serial numbers.
Barcodes (Linear and 2D):
- ITF, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC A, UPC E, Data Matrix, RSS linear, RSS composite, QR, RSS 14, RSS expanded, PDF 417.

Other Characteristics

System Heads Operating Watts Peak Warm Up Watts
1 250 1250
2 375 1400
3 500 1500
4 600 1700
Printhead Weight: 7.2 kg
Control Box Weight: 11.2 k
Touch Dry Hot Melt Inks: Available in various series, colors packaged in bottles
Electrical: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Weights Painted Steel (Standard):
- Printhead (PH): 2.1 kg / 4.7 lbs
- Controller: 1/2 PH - 50 kg / 111 lbs, 3/4 PH – 52.6 kg / 116 lbs
- Controller base with castors: 17.5 kg / 38.9 lbs
Weights Stainless Steel (Optional):
- Printhead (PH): 2.1 kg / 4.7 lbs
- Controller: 1/2 PH - 48.8 kg / 107.5 lbs, 3/4 PH – 51.0 kg / 112.5 lbs
- Controller base with castors: 18.0 kg / 40 kg
Electrical: 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Operating Environment: 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104ºF)
Standard Cabinet: Operating environment of 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104ºF)
Stainless Steel Cabinet: Operating environment of 0 to 35ºC (32 to 95ºF)
IP54 (cabinet only)
Manuals: Safety manual included, all other manuals are accessed via Markem-Imaje website
Languages: Local language versions for the color user interface


Sturdy printhead slide assembly for best print quality, allowing for misshapen boxes
10.1" Remote user interface (RUI)
5 light signal tower assembly with audible alarm
Scanners: 1D and 1D/2D scanners
Additional I/O: 5 inputs, 5 outputs, all programmable

Material Types

Polystyrene foam
Plastic films
Dispatch boxes
Decorative labels
Customized packages
Cardboard boxes


Soft drinks
Snack food
Pet food
Personal care
Oil and gas
Industrial components
Beer & cider

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