Little David MicroJet HRP 1" High-Resolution Case Printer

Little David MicroJet HRP 1 Inch High-Resolution Printer

At a Glance

  • Capable of printing up to 10 lines of data, up to 1 inch in total height
  • Highly reliable thermal jet technology
  • High-resolution printing
  • Easy-to-change ink cartridges
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Little David MicroJet HRP 1 Inch High-Resolution Printer

Highly Reliable Thermal Jet High-Resolution Printing

The Little David MicroJet HRP 1" is a reliable, low cost ink jet printhead capable of printing up to 10 lines of data including alphanumerics, logos, and UPC-A bar codes onto porous or non-porous surfaces.

The HRP 1" offers highly reliable thermal jet technology, high-resolution printing, easy-to-change ink cartridges, and a wealth of industrial-grade performance features. In short, this printer is a great value for many marking and coding applications.

Loveshaw's MicroJet HRP Thermal Jet Printhead is constructed of an enclosed, industrial-grade housing with stainless steel faceplate and built-in photo sensors to detect product speed and direction. The Smart Level Ink Detection System of the MircoJet HRP provides the user with "ink low" and "ink out" status of Loveshaw ink cartridges. Loveshaw ink cartridges are simple to snap-in and snap-out for easy ink replacement.

Ink cartridges are not included with printhead unit. Cartridges can be purchased at time of printhead order or anytime after.

As a licensed HP partner, Loveshaw has designed and engineered a thermal jet printhead that is industrial, low-cost, easy to use and truly unique in the product identification marketplace today.


Complete System
Microjet HRP 1 printer is ready to run right out of the box. The unit comes with mounting bracketry, necessary cables and software. Ink cartridges are not included with unit.

Industrial Design
Stainless steel faceplate and sealed printhead ensure durability in the most demanding environments.

Variable Character Heights
Prints up to 10 lines of print: 1/10", 1/4", 1/2", or 1" tall

Quick Easy Maintenence
Easy snap-in/snap-out method for changing ink includes channel purge at the printhead.


Print Speed: Up to 200 fpm (up to 61 mps)
Print Lines: Up to 10 lines including .1", .25", .5", or 1" (2.54 mm, 6.35 mm, 12.7 mm, or 25.4mm)
Orientation: Side or top-down printing
Options: External photocell, external encoder, ink station beacon, accessory hub, roller/retracting bractets
Print Resolution: 300 dpi vertical resolution
Ink Throw Distance: Up to 1/4" (6.35 mm)
Communication Interface: RS232C

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