Tripack FT-300 Film Accumulator

Tripack FT-300 Film Accumulator

At a Glance

  • Accumulation trough holds up to 300 feet of film
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel frame
  • Low-film and no-film technology
  • Made in the USA
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Tripack FT-300 Film Accumulator

Maximize Uptime with On-the-Fly Splicing!

The Tripack FT-300 Film Accumulator is a robust film carriage system that provides on-the-fly, roll-to-roll splicing.

A stand-alone controlled machine, capable of marrying up with any brand of high-speed sleeve applicator. Unlike most film accumulators that require a series of dancer bar film threading, the FT-300 is a simple, no thread design, making setup and maintenance safe and easy.

Features of LSA-160

360-degree placement.
Film accumulation trough holds up to 300 feet of film for splicing on-the-fly.
Stand-alone power enclosure.
Heavy-duty stainless-steel frame with adjustable feet and casters.
Diamond plate, static-free transfer bridge to applicator.
Powered film unwind.
Zero-tension film air box.
Operator splice table and film-locking station.
Dual-film loading station.
Low-film and no-film technology to eliminate re-threading process.
Layflat range: 40 - 400 mm.
3 year warranty.


Wash down design

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