Axon Shrink Sleeve Equipment

Pro Pac offers Axon shrink sleeve applicators, multi-pack sleeve applicators, tamper band applicators, heat shrink tunnels, and stretch sleeving equipment. Axon manufactures the most versatile and reliable shrink sleeve systems in the industry. These shrink sleeve and banding applicators can easily integrate into your company's existing packaging lines. And we can design a complete system including applicator, conveyor, heat tunnel, and any other component your packaging process may need.

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Axon Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Axon shrink sleeve applicators are is one of the most versatile and reliable shrink sleeve application systems in the industry.

Axon Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Axon manufacturers several applicators capable of applying shrink sleeves to product multi-packs. Simple and affordable tooling are all that is needed to run multi-packs.

Axon Tamper Evident Band Applicators

Axon low, medium, and high-speed tamper band applicators run speeds up to 400 containers per minute.

Axon Heat Shrink Tunnels

Axon high-performance convective, radiant, and steam heat shrink tunnels are designed and built to meet the most challenging shrink applications.

Axon Styrotech Stretch Sleeve Label Applicators

Axon Styrotech stretch sleeve applicators are a simple, flexible, and economical method of container labeling that do not require the use of adhesives or heat shrinking.

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