Axon Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Pro Pac offers Axon highly-flexible, reliable multi-pack shrink sleeve equipment. Axon manufacturers several applicators capable of applying shrink sleeves to product multi-packs. Simple and affordable tooling are all that is needed to run multi-packs.

These versatile Axon shrink sleeve applicators are also capable of applying tamper evident bands, full body shrink sleeves, and partial body shrink sleeves.

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Axon Aurora Wide-Format Mid-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Axon Aurora wide-format mandrel style applicator is capable of handling film widths up to 400mm (15.7in).

Axon EZ-Wide Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Axon EZ-Wide low-speed wide format applicators accommodate film layflat widths up to 900 mm (35.4in).

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