Axon EZ-Wide Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Axon EZ-Wide Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

At a Glance

  • Accommodates film layflat widths up to 900 mm (35.4in)
  • For containers requiring wide multi-pack, wide twin packs, wide tamper evident bands, or wide shrink sleeve labels
  • Single-head and dual-head configurations
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Axon EZ-Wide Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Axon EZ-Wide Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator Sleeve Types

Shrink Sleeving Film Layflat Widths Up to 900 mm (35.4")

Axon's EZ-Wide applicators are the value priced, low to mid-speed models for containers requiring wide multi-pack, wide twin packs, wide tamper evident bands, or wide shrink sleeve labels. These vacuum style shrink sleeve machines use economical stepper motors for consistent, repeatable performance.

The EZ-Wide series includes three shrink sleeving machines that accommodate film layflat widths up to 900 mm (35.4"). These models are ideal for applying multi-pack sleeves, tamper evident neck bands or shrink sleeve labels to large containers or multi-packs.

Axon EZ-Wide shrink sleeve applicators are offered with single-head and dual-head configurations, and are capable of steady-state production speeds from 60 to 90 cpm depending on container size.

Features & Benefits

Fully-automatic - Sleeve application process is fully-automated, recipe driven and a touch screen HMI makes operation simple.
Large size capable - Container diameters or multi-pack cross sections up to 22.5" (571 mm).
Simple to operate, easy to maintain - Design minimizes use of moving parts which reduces complexity for both operators and maintenance personnel.
Fast, tool-less size changeovers - Size changeovers can be completed in five minutes or less.
Guillotine style cutter - Simple, durable and dependable two-blade cutting system delivers consistent, clean cuts.
Long blade life - Under normal operating conditions EZWide cutting blades can be used for up to one year before replacement is required.
Modular head design - Single head applicator can be easily upgraded to a dual heads for increased production speeds.
Vacuum spreader guide system - Simple vacuum technology with inexpensive film spreader guides makes change parts inexpensive, and a true bargain.
Quick changeovers - Recipe functionality on the touch-screen HMI allow for rapid adjustment of machine settings.
Cutting system - Guillotine knife mechanism provides a clean and precise cut for a high-quality finish, it's also simple to maintain.
Low-cost change parts - Run all your SKUs on one machine, switching between different size containers won't break your budget.
Bilingual operation - English and Spanish standard.
Multiple perforation options - Horizontal, T-style, or vertical.
PMMI certified training - Operator training provided by a PMMI Certified Technician.


The Axon EZ-Wide offers the flexibility to perform multiple shrink applications.

Multi-packs and twin packs
Tamper evident bands
Partial-body sleeves
Full-body sleeves
Full-body over the cap sleeves


Static reduction - Mitigates static build-up.
Print registration - Fiber optic sensor reads film registration marks so the PLC can calculate cut lengths to assure sleeve length accuracy.
Vertical, horizontal & T perforators - Add perforations to enhance ease of opening.
Band positioning - Belt system assures correct placement of tamper bands or partial body sleeves during application process.
Low film alarm - Automatically detects low film levels and alerts operator.
Product spacers - Precisely separate containers at the infeed to assure smooth production.
Infeed timing screws - Required for multi-packs, certain container geometries.
Spare parts kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory.


EZ-400 EZ-650 EZ-900
1 Head Speed Up to 50 cpm Up to 40 cpm Up to 35 cpm
2 Head Speed Up to 90 cpm Up to 70 cpm Up to 60 cpm
Film Layflat Range 200 mm - 400 mm 250 mm - 650 mm 250 mm - 900 mm
Product Diameter or
Multi-Pack Cross Section
125 mm - 250 mm 155 mm - 410 mm 155 mm - 571 mm
Applied Film Materials
Film Thickness
60 – 70 microns (2.3 – 3.0 mil)
70 – 100 microns (3.0 – 4.0 mil)
Siemens PLC & HMI standard, Allen Bradley optional
220V Single ph
80 psi, 5-10 cfm

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