nVenia Arpac S Continuous Motion Automatic L-Sealers

nVenia Arpac S Continuous Motion Automatic L-Sealer

At a Glance

  • Up to 120 packages per minute
  • Dual axis servo driven cross seal and seal carriage
  • Next Gen side seal with overload and wrap sensor technology
  • Heavy duty welded frame, double powder coat and stainless steel finish

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nVenia Arpac S Continuous Motion Automatic L-Sealer
nVenia Arpac S Continuous Motion Automatic L-Sealer Finished Packages

Fast, User-Friendly, Reliable Automatic L Sealer

The nVenia Arpac S Continuous Motion Automatic L-Sealers are available with a number of plug and play infeeds to fit your present and future needs. This state-of-the-art motion control platform consists of Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet communication and Color Touch Screen.

Kinetix drives for Dual-Axis Servo cross seal and three 1 HP Direct Drive Vector motors drive the side seal, traveling belt and infeed conveyors. The cross seal can operate in programmable cam, package activated auto length and random length mode.

The Programmable Orbit feature produces strong, quality seals with all commercial shrink films. This platform offers high-speed operation, repeatability, low maintenance, reliability and extraordinary flexibility.

Quality and Workmanship

State of the art controls, heavy duty welded frame, double powder coat and stainless steel finish, oversized drives, cross seal bars with multi-zone heater design and attention to detail by skilled craftsman.


Multiple frame and cross seal sizes, wide range of plug and play infeed choices and a large selection of options and accessories, al­lows customers to build the machine that fits their needs. The side and cross seal will run polyolefin, polyethylene and PVC films.

Low Maintenance

Direct drive motors eliminate chains, sprockets, tensioners and the need for lubrication or any maintenance in those areas. Self-cleaning side seal element only touches the film, it does not use any back up wheels, rubber rollers or separate cutting devices that require maintenance or replacement. Non-stick ceramic Teflon coated cross seal bars resist build up.

User Friendly

Color touch screen on swivel allows two sided opera­tion, can store up to 100 package recipes, includes self diagnostics and a troubleshooting guide. Tool-less changeover enables quick product change. Large gull wing doors allow easy access to major machine as­semblies for periodic cleaning and inspection.


Efficient film usage is due to the direct film delivery path and side seal design. The dancer bar controlled selvage winder controls film trim tension so that minimal waste is produced. Digitally controlled bag length produces consistent packages for optimum display of your prod­uct. Step by step programming and large library recipe storage yields maximum up time during product changeover.


Dual axis servo driven cross seal and seal carriage
Next Gen side seal with overload and wrap sensor technology, top seal optional
Electronic film bunching at cross seal relieves film tension between products resulting in consistently stronger seals
Low-height film rack holds double length centerfolded rolls of film up to 16" diameter
Side-mounted film cradle for easy film load access
Heavy-duty welded construction
Powder coat finish provides a durable scratch resistant surface that prevents corrosion
Tool free adjustable film former
Powered selvage winder with dancer bar control and film break detection
Electronic jam protection at cross seal
Multi-zone seal bar for even heat distribution
Inclinometers at film unwind and selvage winder replaces potentiometers
Direct driven conveyor sections eliminates maintenance


Standard or custom infeeds for almost any application
Light stack with 3 lights & alarm
Low film alert to warn operator when film is low
No film alert with programmed machine stop
Servo driven conveyor sections
UL electrical panel certification
Clustered lube station manifold for quick and easy maintenance
Powered product bypass
Single or dual roll film centerfolders
External film stand for flat film

Machine Specifications

Variable Speed: 150 feet per minute, up to 120 packages per minute
Electrical: 208/240 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
Air: No air is required

Film Specifications

40-90 mil polyolefin (cross seal), 30-150 mil (top seal)
1-4 mil low density polyethylene
PVC and other film blends capable
Film width up to 78" flat and 38" centerfolded
16" roll OD

Specifications of S Automatic L-Sealers

Model Max Package Matching Tunnel Max Film Width
S18 Infinite"L x 18"W x 8"H XT18 25" CF
S24 Infinite"L x 24"W x 12"H XT30 31" CF
S36 Infinite"L x 30"W x 12"H XT30 38" CF
Top Seal Infinite"L x 20"W x 25"H

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