nVenia Arpac TS37 Continuous Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

Arpac TS37 Continuous Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Adjustable film former
  • Up to 60 packages per minute
  • Unique side sealing system provides close sealing proximity to the product
  • Simple tool-less changeovers

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Arpac TS37 Continuous Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper
Arpac TS37 Continuous Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper Finished Packages

Versatile Sealer Wraps Up to 60 Packages per Minute

The nVenia Arpac TS37 side seal horizontal shrink wrapper is one of the most versatile packaging machines on the market today. Capable of wrapping up to 80 packages per minute, the continuous motion TS37 film folding system eliminates the need for multiple forming heads with its adjustable film former.

Unlike conventional film inverters, the TS37 film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration. This is ideal for multipacks and irregular shaped products. The machine features an electronically adjustable pouch length, which enables on-the-fly bag length changes without changing the flight spacing. All adjustments are made with a user-friendly color touchscreen where product changeovers can be completed quickly and easily – without tools.

The TS37 uses single wound film which is less costly than centerfolded. A unique side sealing mechanism ensures strong attractive trim seals using polyolefin, PVC or polyethylene shrink film. The TS37’s cross-seal system uses a hot knife seal and cut-off, with a precision temperature control that maintains accurate heat settings. An independently driven scrap removal system compacts excess film.

A sliding film rack allows easy roll loading and reduces film changeover time. Located beneath the film forming table, the film rack requires no additional floor space.

Compact in design, the TS37 is easily integrated into any existing production environment.

The TS37's unique side seal process keeps package graphics distortion-free with neatly formed trim seals created extremely close to the product. The TS37 is perfect for artwork, mailers, compact discs and low-profile stacks of paper products such as napkins and greeting cards. This flexible system is also ideal for tall products such as bottles when utilizing the vertical sealing system, and optional film support former.


Heavy-duty rugged construction for high durability and 24/7 operation
Cross seal can change over from horizontal to vertical orientation in under 30 minutes – this feature provides the maximum flexibility for a wide range of product sizes and configurations
Adjustable film forming head
Continuous motion seal head for smooth product transitions
Slide out film rack with needle wheel air evacuation assembly
Evenly wound trim removal system compacts film trim for easy disposal
Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance


Various length and size lugged and belted infeeds
Print registered film kit
Cross seal closing conveyor for short length product
Low profile package guide for short height product
Film former support for light weight product

Example Products

Food products
Paper products
Spray cans


Up to 60 packages per minute
Up to 80 linear feet per minute

Horizontal Seal Bar Product Range

Width (across machine): 2" to 16"
Length (flow direction): Any over 3.5"
Height: 0.25" to 7.5"

Vertical Seal Bar Product Range

Width (across machine): 2" to 7.5"
Length (flow direction): Any over 3.5"
Height: 2" to 12"

Machine Specifications

Variable Speed: 80 feet per minute, up to 60 packages per minute
Electrical: 240 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 20 A
Air: 80 psi, 5 SCFM

Film Specifications

Roll Diameter: Up to 14"
Roll Width: Up to 37"
Single wound
45-70 gauge polyolefin
1-3 mil low density polyethylene

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