nVenia Arpac L Series Automatic L-Sealers

Arpac L Series Automatic L-Sealer

At a Glance

  • Max speed up to 40 packages per minute
  • User-friendly color touch-screen operator interface
  • Film breaks are eliminated with innovative pinch roller design gently pulls film ahead of seal bar

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Arpac L Series Automatic L-Sealer
Arpac L Series Automatic L-Sealer Finished Packages

Fast, User-Friendly, Reliable Automatic L Sealer

The nVenia Arpac L-Series Automatic L-Sealers offer you the latest in shrink packaging technology, featuring a proprietary design that provides fast, user-friendly and reliable operation. Developed by Hanagata and Arpac, pioneers in automatic L-Sealer technology, the flexible Arpac L-Series is guaranteed to provide you with high-quality packaging for retail display.

Mode of Operation

The product is automatically or manually loaded onto the infeed conveyor of the wrapper. The conveyor belt moves the product into the tube of film formed by the film former. A guide located at the back side of the infeed conveyor guides the product as it travels through the film former. The machine detects the product and starts the powered film unwind feeding film. This eliminates any film tension against the product.

The product in the film tube then continues into the L-seal area. When the product clears the seal bars the discharge conveyor stops and the seal bars close, sealing and cutting the film around the product. If another product enters the infeed conveyor and the seal bars are closed the infeed conveyor will stop just before the product contacts the seal bar. After the seal dwell timer times out the seal bars open, the infeed conveyor restarts if it had stopped and the discharge conveyor restarts transferring the product sealed in film onto the customers conveyor or an optional tunnel conveyor belt. The scrap film created by the side seal is taken up by a film rewind system located under the discharge conveyor.

Competitive Advantages

User-friendly color touch-screen operator interface.

Innovative pinch roller design gently pulls raw film ahead of seal bar. Film breaks are eliminated on even the lightest film gauges. Precise control of the film web reduces film width requirement for most products.

A single adjustment provides a centered seal for best product appearance, while limiting seal head stroke for the fastest production speeds. A proprietary Seal Height Calibration Sequence measures seal head height and automatically determines proper seal head cushioning for all seal heights.

A guillotine style seal head provides consistent seal strength for all product profiles. Vertical movement using linear shafts, bearings and reciprocating chains, is proven to be a superior sealing method eliminating the scissor action and linkages associated with pivot style systems.


Welded steel frame in a compact size for space efficiency
Guillotine style hot knife seal bar design
Single point adjustment seal height with automatic seal cylinder stroke limiting
Seal Height Calibration Sequence automatically determines proper seal head cushioning
Allen Bradley Micro Logix PLC and color touch-screen interface
Easy load film cradle with on demand power film feed
Film pinch roller is positioned ahead of seal head eliminating film breaks/tears
Casters with adjustable legs

Machine Options

Closing conveyor for short length product
Lower film cradle for ergonomic loading
Reverse flow (L to R)
Food approved infeed and discharge belts

L-18 Product Range

Width: 1.5" - 15"
Length: 4" - 18.5"
Height: 0.25" - 6"

L-26 Product Range

Width: 1.5" - 19"
Length: 4" - 26.5"
Height: 0.25" - 8"


Building supplies
Consumer goods
Contract packaging
Health & beauty
Material handling
Printing & publishing

Film Specifications

Roll Diameter: Up to 12"
45-70 gauge polyolefin
1-3 mil low density polyethylene
L18: Width up to 24" centerfold, B wind
L26: Width up to 30" centerfold, B wind

Machine Specifications

Max Speed: Up to 40 packages per minute
L18 Electrical: 220V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 15A
L26 Electrical: 220V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 20A
Air: 80 psi, 5 SCFM

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