Orion Sentry LP Semi-Automatic Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Orion Sentry LP Semi-Automatic Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Wraps pallet loads up to 52 inches x 52 inches x 80 inches
  • 4000 max load weight
  • Both high profile and low profile models available
  • 65 inch turntable
  • 20 inch no-thread powered pre-stretch carriage for quick, easy and safe film loading
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Orion Sentry LP Semi-Automatic Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper
Orion Sentry Semi-Automatic Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper Roll Carriage

Entry Level, Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper Provides 200% Powered Film Prestretch

Ready to step up from manual wrapping? The feature-rich Orion Sentry LP and Sentry HP are on a level of their own when it comes to entry-level semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

The feature-rich Orion Sentry LP or its high profile sibling the Sentry HP are on a level of their own when it comes to entry-level semi-automatic wrappers. Both the Sentry LP and HP utilize Orion's signature rugged steel construction and durable AC motors, and integrate standard features like a load stabilizing 200% powered pre-stretch, which reduces film consumption to about half of manually wrapped loads, while increasing stability, and helping provide a rapid ROI.

Orion Sentry wrappers are equipped with user-friendly features like the IntelleVue touchscreen display that allows operators to access and quickly change wrap counts, adjust turntable speed, carriage speed, film tension, and access stored recipes, user-manuals and more.

Standard on the Sentry machines are the load height sensing photo eye and Orion's unique RevoLogic technology, which delivers a precise count of each revolution of the turntable, and stops the turntable in the same position after each cycle.


Place load on turntable with forklift or pallet jack (ramp optional)
Secure film to load, press the start button
Load wrapped according to your programming
After load is wrapped, operator cuts film and secures film tail
Remove wrapped pallet load and the Sentry is ready for the next

Hand Wrapping Pallet Loads Increases Costs

Wrapping your loads by hand is hard work and can lead to repetitive motion injuries. It's also a very inefficient way to unitize loads because most people hand wrapping can only stretch the film between 5% and 10%. With the Orion Sentry, you can have neat, professional looking loads that are wrapped with prestretched film for maximum load holding power.


User-friendly IntelleVue display panel and controls package, includes pre-programmed recipes and a standard multi-language controller interface.
200% powered pre-stretch film carriage with adjustable film tension and safety E-stop obstacle detection.
Adjustable speed turntable.
RevoLogic technology precisely applies the exact top and bottom wrap counts and ensures home position alignment stops turntable in same position after each cycle.
Rugged steel construction, forklift portable.
Automatic load height sensing photo eye.
Adjustable/separate top & bottom wrap counter.
Heavy-duty industrial chain drives the carriage and the turntable.


Easy-to-use integrated scale package with quick connect and battery backup.
Increase speed and performance with Orion's Insta-Thread Carriage with 260% pre-stretch and the insta-cut option.
Multiple ramp options, including pallet jack, walkie with contour, and extension.
Extended mast up to 110".


Rotation Speed: Variable up to 12 RPM with soft-start
Max Height: 80"
Max Load Size: Sentry LP - 55" x 55" x 80" H / Sentry HP - 55" x 55" x 80" H
Max Load Weight: 4,000 lbs
Film Pre-Stretch: 200%
Film Tension: Control adjustable
Display Panel: 7" IntelleVue color touch panel
Electrical: 120 VAC, 60 cycle, 1-phase, 20 amps (not suitable for GFIC)
Machine Weight (approx): Sentry LP - 1,218 lbs, w. scale 1,239 lbs / Sentry HP - 1,229 lbs, w. scale 1,250 lbs
Warranty: 3 years

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