Orion Automatic Portable Stretch Wrappers

Orion portable automatic stretch wrappers offer you an important advantage over semi-automatic wrappers: Operators can stay productive because the machine will handle the tail attachment and cut/wipe down function automatically.

After bringing a load to the machine, operators can begin the wrap cycle with a lanyard or remote control, then get more loads. No need to get off the lift truck to manually attach the stretch film, wait for the wrapping cycle to finish, then sever the film. With Orion portable automatics, those functions are handled automatically by the machine.

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Orion LPA Automatic Low-Profile Portable Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Orion LPA low-profile automatic stretch wrapper is designed for loading with a fork lift, electric walkie or pallet jack. Start the wrap with lanyard or remote control.

Orion HPA Automatic High-Profile Portable Stretch Wrapping Machine

Designed for fork lift loading, the Orion HPA automatic high-profile portable stretch wrapper starts with lanyard or remote control for maximum efficiency.

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