MFT Automation Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300

MFT Automation Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300

At a Glance

  • Designed for food and medical grade applications
  • Hygenic washdown labeler control panel
  • Brushless servo motor for accurate label placement
  • Built with 304 stainless steel

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MFT Automation Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300
MFT Automation Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300 Control Panel
MFT Automation Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300 Remote Control Panel

304 Stainless Steel with Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

The Multifeeder Washdown Labeler 300 is a robust labeler, engineered with type 304 stainless steel and passivated for corrosion resistance. This labeler's Clean-in-Place design provides minimal contamination points. This allows for minimal disassembly with easy cleaning and maintenance, therefore reducing your risk of contamination.

Brushless Servo Motors for Flexible High-Speed Accuracy

Other features of the MFT Hygienic Labeler include the computer-controlled brushless servo motors for flexible high-speed accuracy, precisely placing labels on your product. The electronic components of the labeler are self-contained, allowing for a simple elegant design. With a highly flexible proprietary software package, there are optional upgrades for the customer.

IP69K Hygienic Washdown Labeler

The Hygienic Labeler 300 meets IP69K requirements and meets and exceeds IP66/NEMA4X standards to ensure consistent washdown performance. The labeler is capable of running up to 12 inch wide labels. The adjustable angular peel plate is suitable for a wide range of applications. Separate unwind, drive, and rewind servo controls provide maximum control, stability and performance.

The MFT Hygienic Washdown Labeler 300 is available for food grade applications such as pizza, bakery, meat, clean rooms, medical, and pharmaceutical. The Hygienic Labeler can meet various sanitary level requirements depending on your application needs.

The MFT Hygienic Labeler 300 is easy to use with versatile interface using standard industry compliant cables. The Labeler utilizes a small footprint and is easily mobile to quickly change work station locations.


Hygienic Washdown Labeler Control Panel
Equipped with customizable computer controls with on-board panel for flexible controls. Enclosure and control buttons are designed to be hygienically sealed for IP69K, and meets and exceeds IP66/NEMA4X.

Durable Steel Shafts for Strength
Stainless steel shafts and sealed bearings will provide maximum life expenctancy. Adjustable angular peel plate for a wide range of applications.

Hygienic Washdown Labeler Remote Panel
Remote control panel for easy control from the loading / operator side. Includes E-Stop button for emergency stops to safely disconnect power source.

Brushless Servo Motor for Accurate Placement
A standard 500 to 1000 watt brushless servo motor per axis depending on application is available for repeatable accuracy.

Hygienic Applications

Food and beverage labeling
Bottle Labeling
Pizza labeling
Meat packaging
And many more

Label Specs

Width: 0.39" (10mm) - 11.96" (304mm)
Length: 0.39" (10mm) - 39.37" (1000mm)


Pizza manufacturing
Clean room environments
Meat packaging


Stand-alone hygienic labeler unit with no stand
Stack light
Low label detect
Encoder with speed following accutipping

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Typical Height 36.1" (918mm)
Typical Length 25.5" (648mm)
Typical Width 21.1" (537mm)
Maximum Speed 125 meters per minute
Power 110/220V 50-60Hz 6A
Operating Temp 0° - 95°F (0° - 35°C)
Weight Range 400-1000 lbs
Labeler without Stand 400 lbs
Labeler with Stand 600 lbs

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