MFT Automation MFT 150pa Labeler

MFT Automation MFT 150pa Labeler

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  • Robust design has been life-cycle tested to 10 million cycles resulting in no miss-actuation
  • Label pads can be changed in seconds with no tools
  • 12 inch unwind is the ideal trade-off between label count and reload manageability

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MFT Automation MFT 150pa Labeler

High-Performance High-Speed Print-and-Apply Label Application

When the demands of your high-performance label application require more features than are offered by any other label applicator available, it's time to move up to the MFT 150pa. The MFT 150pa offers the ease of use, accuracy and reliability. Standard features found on the MFT 150pa print-and-apply labeler are expensive options with other labeling machines.

Better Components and Better Software Results in Reliable, Fast, Exact Labeling

The design of the MFT 150pa uses simple and proven components to deliver years of trouble-free service. It does not require tweaking like slower pneumatic style smart tamps and is not sensitive to dirt like optical based smart tamp. It's just a smarter tamp.

If the product varies in height slightly with typical fixed-length cylinders found on most other labelers, shorter products won’t have a label applied and taller products may receive an impression of the label pad as it over-strokes. Or worse, unnecessary wear is placed on your labeler. These problems are not a concern with the smart tamp of the MFT 150pa.

The MFT 150pa specifically uses an internally guided 6" cylinder. This allows more room for the operator when changing labels or ribbons compared to other labelers.

Another standard feature is the quick-change label pad. The tool-less design takes just seconds to switch label pads for different sized labels. Quicker changeover equals more production.

If you need to integrate an automated label feeder system into an existing production line or combine it with a flexible feeder or conveyor system, the MFT 150pa is the labeler you need.

The MFT 150pa's design is operator friendly, built to last and adaptable to your future production requirements.


12" Unwind: 12" is the ideal trade-off between label count and reload manageability.
Narrow Profile: Purposely designed to fit where other label applicators can't, giving you the flexibility to install it on your line where you need it.
Heavy-Duty Smart Tamp: Robust design has been life-cycle tested to 10 million cycles resulting in no miss-actuation. This smart tamp design automatically adapts varying height of your product.
Quick Disconnect Label Pad: Label pads can be changed in seconds with no tools.
Easy-to-Use PLC: Easy to use by any operator. Adjustments such as application time are simply not necessary.
Cost-Effective Upgrade: The MFT 150pa accommodates any one of over 18 print engines, making it simple to upgrade from almost any label format you have already developed.


6 inch non-rotating small profile cylinder
Heavy duty "Smart Switch"
Quick disconnect label pad
12 inch media unwind
Easy to use HMI
Designed to fit where needed
Easy to learn open thread pattern and operation
Ready inputs and outputs for system integration

Typical Applications

Credit card labeling
Pharmaceutical labeling
Bar coding applications
UPC over labeling
Food and beverage labeling
Irregular product application
Integration with MFT friction feeders
Combined with an MFT conveyor for mobile production line
And many more


T-Base style stand with low toe feature
Straddle style stand
Remote mountable three color alert light
Wide web print engine
Left handed model
Longer stroke cylinder
Additional quick change label pads

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your friction feeding equipment.

102hsm Machine Specifications

Maximum Dispense Speed 12 inches per speed
Placement Accuracy Up to +/- 1mm

102hsm Product Specifications

Maximum Media Width 133.3mm (5.25")
Minimum Media Width 25.4mm (1")
Minimum Media Length 6.3mm (.25")
Maximum Media Roll Size 308mm (12") OD, 76mm (3") ID

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