Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R Pre-Made Pouching System

Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R Pre-Made Pouching System

At a Glance

  • Designed to run a variety of liquid products
  • Max speed 40 ppm
  • User-friendly protocols and controls
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Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R Pre-Made Pouching System Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R Pre-Made Pouching System Pouch Infeed

Automatically Fill a Variety of Liquid Products

The highly-flexible Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R is designed for a variety of pouch formats and liquid products.

Using a conveyor magazine, more than 600 flat type pouches can be loaded. With vacuum cups and mechanically gripping the pouch, the product is positively filled into the pouch.

The TT-8D-R handles pouch sizes with a width between 120 and 260 millimeters and a length between 130 and 400 millimeters.

With a variety of accessories such as a product feeding hopper and product counter, this pre-made pouch filler and sealer is designed with a capacity of 15 to 40 pouches per minute depending on the product.

Options to the TT-8D-R include a date printer, air squeeze device, stand-up pouch bottom opening device, nitrogen gas flush device, zip open-close device, and many more.


Rated up to 40 pouches per min
Designed for larger pouches
Easy cleaning, wash-down design
Simple, intuitive operation and maintenance using touch screen controls
Designed for safe and sanitary operation
Optional zipper openings, nitrogen flush, liquid filling systems and other features
Safety guarding (fully enclosed)
Small footprint

Common Applications

Shelf-stable food
Frozen food
Pre-cooked rice
Liquid detergent


Date printer
Nitrogen gas flush device
Zip open-close device
Fill pause mode
Seal area cleaning
Pouch recycle
Double pouch detection
Various filling devices
Product in-seal detection
Stand-up pouch bottom opening device
Pouch pick-up position detection

Typical Stations

One Pouch staging
Two Printing
Three Pouch opening
Four Pouch filling
Five NA
Six Nitrogen flush
Seven Heat sealing
Eight Cooling, discharge


Cycle Speed Up to 40 bpm
Pouch Width 4.72" - 10.24" (120 - 260 mm)
Pouch Length 5.12" - 15.75" (130 - 400 mm)
Pouch Material Various laminates
Pouch Style Flat, stand-up and press-to-close zipper
Sealing 2 heat seal and 1 cooling station
Electrical 3.75 kVa
Air 0.5 MPa (72 psi), 350 - 450 Nl/min
Machine Dimensions 122.12"W x 70.87"L x 80.90"H (3102W x 1800L x 2055H mm)
Machine Weight 3968 lbs (1800 kg)

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