Matrix Pre-Made Pouching Systems

Matrix Pacraft pre-made pouch packaging machines are designed for a variety of dry, frozen and liquid products. These durable automatic rotary bagging machines increase efficiency with an intermittent cam drive and motor-driven volumetric control. Designed for quick changeovers and a wide variety of pouch styles, Matrix pouching systems are user-friendly and simple to use.

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Matrix Pacraft TT-8DW-N Pre-Made Pouching System

The high-speed duplex Matrix Pacraft TT-8DW-N is designed pouch a variety of dry products.

Matrix Pacraft TT-9CW & TT-9CW2 Pre-Made Pouching Systems

The Matrix Pacraft TT-9CW & TT-9CW2 double pouch action machines can bag a variety of solid and liquid products into flat or stand up pouches.

Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R Pre-Made Pouching System

The highly-flexible Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-R is designed for a variety of pouch formats and liquid products.

Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-N Pre-Made Pouching System

The highly-flexible Matrix Pacraft TT-8D-N is designed for a variety of pouch formats and dry or frozen food products.

Matrix Pacraft TT-8A2 Pre-Made Pouching System

Designed for various larger pouch formats, the Matrix Pacraft TT-8A2 quickly pouches solid, granule and powder products.

Matrix Pacraft TT-15CW-10 Pre-Made Pouching System

The Matrix Pacraft TT-15CW-10 pouch filling and capping systems are designed for center-spout stand-up, gusset, and flat pouches.

Matrix Pacraft TX-100SP-1 Spout & Fitment Insertion System

The Matrix Pacraft TX-100SP-1 is a double spout inserting and fitment insertion machine that automatically loads pouches and inserts spouts.

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