APM Speedy Bag Packager with Drop Sealer

Bag Packager with Drop Sealer

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Bag Packager with Drop Sealer Bag Packager with Drop Sealer Layout

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At a Glance

  • APM speedy bag packager with drop sealer
  • Handles bags 2 to 16 inches wide and 4 to 22 inches long
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Smokeless and odorless bead trim

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Simple, Clean, Quick Bagging System

Combine a Speedy Bag Packager with drop sealer for a simple, clean and quick packaging system. With one simple motion, the operator slides the product onto the bag packager tray, into the already-opened bag, and into the drop sealer. The drop sealer seals the package automatically or manually by foot switch.

Features of the Bag Packager with Drop Sealer

Seals wicketted, non-wicketted, lip type, flush cut, saddle pack, and flap type bags
Handles bags 2"-16" wide and 4"-22" long
Heavy-duty construction with welded and painted steel with stainless steel contact surfaces
SBP stainless steel models available
USDA approved

Available Seals

Smokeless and odorless bead trim.
1/8" Smokeless, odorless seal and trim.
1/8"-1/4" Seal and trim.
1/16"-1/8" Wide hot bar seal and trim.


Models to handle bags up to 30" wide and 40" long
Product guides for the bag packager
Compression plate for the gravity sealer

Supported Bag Materials

Poly-coated paper materials