APM Horizontal Band Sealers

APM manufactures a wide range of USDA approved horizontal rotary band sealing systems that produce quality hermetic seals. These horizontal sealers come with a variable speed conveyor to support products. These support conveyors can be angeled with a second right-angle conveyor for even more support. Ecomonical table top sealers are also available.

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APM HCBS-1/4 CT Dual Conveyorized Band Sealing Machine with Trimmer

APM HCBS-1/4 CT high-speed horizontal conveyor is built with a conveyor, dual heating elements, dual cooling zones, and a bag top trimmer. Great for flat products and higher production speeds.

APM HCBS-1/8 CT Conveyorized Band Sealing Machine with Trimmer

The APM HCBS-1/8 CT horizontal sealer provides excellent reliable bag sealing. This sealer produces a tight secure sealed bag made from polyolefin and PVC shrink films that require precise temperature controls to create a consistently tight package every time.

APM HCBS-1/8 TX Conveyorized Band Sealing Machine with Trimmer

The APM HCBS-1/8 TX smokeless and odorless horizontal conveyorized rotary band sealer is designed to handle large products that require the bag to be in a horizontal orientation.

APM HBS-1/8 TX Horizontal Band Sealing Machine

The APM compact HBS-1/8 TX band sealer is specifically designed for flat products, and can be mated with your existing conveyor or used as is. With an optional bag top trimmer, this sealer creates perfectly sealed and trimmed packages.

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