APM Table Top Sealers

APM TBS table top band sealing systems create a 3/8" hermetic seal without a trim. These bag sealers can be a simple sealer, or built with a support conveyor, or validatable for sealing medical pouches.

APM table top impulse and jaw type sealers seal bags made of polyethylene, polypropylene, foil, nylon, and other materials. These air operated table sealers produce bead trim or impulse seals. Standard models have 16" long seal bar.

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APM TCBS-DM-3/8 Table-Top Conveyorized Band Sealer

The APM TCBS-DM-3/8 conveyorized table-top sealing system is synchronized with lower support conveyor and includes a crank-handle head height adjustment.

APM TBS-3/8-DH-10-V Table-Top Validatable Band Sealer

The APM TBS-3/8-DH-10-V high speed validatable table-top sealing system is designed to seal medical pouches with precise temperature, speed, and sealing controls.

APM TBS-3/8 Table-Top Band Sealer

The APM TBS-3/8 portable table top sealing system creates a 3/8 inch wide hermetic seal without a trim. This bag sealer is designed on a swivel base for sealing from a vertical to a 45 degree position.

APM ATS-SS-711 Stainless Steel Table-Top Bag Sealer

The ATS-SS-711 stainless steel tabletop bag sealer is designed to meet the needs of commissaries and other food manufacturers and distributors. Seal and trim bags filled with sandwiches, baked goods, prepared foods, and more.

APM ATS-IMP-1/8-16 and 5/16-16 Table-Top Bag Sealers

APM ATS-IMP-1/8 and 5/16 table-top impulse sealers are designed to seal loaded bags of a wide range of products. Simply place the filled bag on the front tray, and depress the foot switch to activate the sealing bar.

APM ATS-SS-16 and 16-PP/PE Table-Top Bag Sealers

The ATS-SS-16 series table top sealers are available in stainless steel construction. These sealers are designed for a wide range of products including: food, paper goods, textiles, poultry, bakery, toys, crafts, garden, pet supplies, automotive, electronics, and many more.

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