APM ATS-SS-711 Stainless Steel Table Top Bag Sealer

APM ATS-SS-711 Compact Table Top Bag Sealers

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Stainless Steel Bag Sealer for Food Facilities

The APM ATS-SS-711 is a stainless steel tabletop bag sealer specifically designed to meet the needs of commissaries and other food manufacturers and distributors. Seal and trim bags filled with sandwiches, baked goods, prepared foods, and more.

Features of the ATS-SS-711

Smokeless and odorless bead trim seal
Seals polypropylene without angel hairs
Adjustable seal dwell timer for sealing various types of materials
Preheat design, no warm up time required
Adjustable front feeder tray
Scrap removal and scrap net
Dual blow-off tubes enable operator to seal two products simultaneously
Stainless steel construction includes chassis, product shelf, bottom panel, 16" upper jaw, and seal assembly
Heavy duty IP68 rated foot pedal switch
Mounted air regulator and filter
Air cylinder rod boots that promote internal cleanliness

Bag Specifications for the ATS-SS-16-PP/PE

Bags 2" to 15.5" wide

Specifications for Both Models

Electrical: 110 VAC, 15 amps, 60 cycle (220V available)
Air: 80-90 psi compressed air required