APM HCBS-1/8 CT Horizontal Conveyorized Band Sealer with Trimmer

APM HCBS-1/8 CT Horizontal Conveyorized Band Sealer

At a Glance

  • Built with a conveyor, sychronized support conveyor, precise temperature controls, and a bag top trimmer
  • Great for flat products and higher production speeds
  • Unique trim after seal system assures clean, straight trim
  • 1/8 inch wide final seal and trim
Sustainability Tip

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APM HCBS-1/8 CT Horizontal Conveyorized Band Sealer

Horiztonal Conveyorized Band Sealer with Bag Trimmer

The APM HCBS-1/8 CT horizontal sealer provides excellent reliable bag sealing. This sealer produces a tight secure sealed bag made from polyolefin and PVC shrink films that require precise temperature controls to create a consistently tight package every time. With a sychronized support conveyor and precise temperature controls, this bag sealer produces securely sealed bags. The unique trim after seal system assures clean, straight trim directly at seal edge.


Heavy-duty construction
Stainless steel shafting and chrome plated sealing assembly
Conveyor belt widths up to 4' and lengths up to 50'
Creates a trimmed secure seal adjustable speeds up to 100' per minute
Vacuum removal trim system with scrap accumulator
Digital read out microprocessor controller provides precise temperature control
Smokeless and odorless sealing.
Temperature control up to 500F
1/8" wide final seal and trim
USDA approved

Supported Bag Materials

PVSC Shrink Films


Electrical: 110 Volt, Single phase, 60 cycle
Air: No compressed air required

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