Shanklin Stainless Steel Hy-Speed HS-15DA and HS-19DA Automatic Shrink Wrapper

Shanklin Stainless Steel Hy-Speed HS-15DA Automatic Shrink Wrap Equipment

At a Glance

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Up to 180 packages per minute
  • Side sealing
  • Fully-automatic product handling

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Shanklin Hy-Speed Stainless Steel Automatic Shrink Wrapper

Side seal shrink wrapping system with stainless steel construction with removable wash down infeed.

Very Fast, Very Versatile Shrink Equipment

The Shanklin Hy-Speed HS Servo 15 and HS Servo 19 systems are each named for the maximum product width (in inches) it can process. While the HS Servo 15 wrapper is designed to wrap goods for printers, converters, and home and hardware producers, the HS Servo 19 wrapper is most frequently used to package baked goods, pizzas and other processed foods.

Each of these systems is available in painted or stainless steel DA models featuring removable wash-down infeed solutions for USDA applications.

Hy-Speed HS Servo shrink systems utilize enhanced servo motor controls, robust mechanical design, and intuitive picture based controls and navigation to accommodate evolving production requirements. These fast shrink systems can process up to 180 packages-per-minute.

Featuring a counterbalanced box motion end seal design, along with 3/4" reinforced aluminum side frames, the Shanklin Hy-Speed Servo series is engineered for smooth operation while improving dwell time and providing stronger and more reliable end-seals compared to rotary style systems. These wrappers also include adjustable-height end seal jaws that enable customers to process packages up to 8 inches high.

The Shanklin Hy-Speed Servo systems incorporate a host of features that increase operational packaging efficiency. The HS Servo 15 and HS Servo 19 wrappers are customer friendly and require less setup and change-over time versus existing form-fill-seal systems. Operators simply input product dimensions, and the Hy-Speed Servo machines automatically apply critical wrapping and sealing parameters and remind operators of any necessary mechanical adjustments.

Hy-Speed HS-15 and 15 DA

19" wide end seal
15" wide belt
Supported package dimensions up to 16"W x 4"H to 48"L x up to 8"H

Hy-Speed HS-19 and 19 DA

23" wide end seal
19" wide belt
Supported package dimensions up to 20"W x 4"H to 48"L x up to 8"H

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Specifications of the Hy-Speed HS-15 and HS-19

Package Speeds Up to 180 packages per minute
dependent on product and application
Film / Belt Speeds Up to 250 linear feet per minute
Operation Engineered for smooth action
End Seal 0 - 85" opening
23" wide
Adjustable to variable heights
Tooless end seal centerline adjustment
Choice of SmartWire or hot knife
Programmable seal pressure
Side Sealer Shanklin Sabre Side Sealer
No Product No Bag Standard
Pass-Through Conveyor Capability Standard
Standard Conveyor Height 41.5" with casters
35.5" without casters
Safety CAT 3 emergency stop circuits
Multiple safety interlocks
Air cylinder safety opens end seal jaws

HMI Features

Display Picture based
Recipes 100 nameable recipes
Adjustments Speed control
Product spacing
Seal systems temperature control
Programmable seal pressure
End Seal Enable / Disable
Operator Lock Outs Provide customized HMI access privileges
Batch Counting Standard
Language Switching 8 languanges
Remote Monitoring via HMI Web Server Monitor production information
View machine fault logs
Analyze machine status
Integrated Auxiliary Infeeds available Infeeds controlled thru HMI
Speed ratios recallable thru recipes
External Equipment Pause Allows up/downstream equipment to pause wrapper
External Equipment Pause Allows up/downstream equipment to pause wrapper
Unit Switching Metric / Imperial
Enhanced Troubleshooting Screens Fault history
Input / Output status
Seal heat troubleshooting
Help and corrective action screens
Jaw Product Detect Optional
Low Film / No Film Detect Optional
Print Registration Optional

Electrical and Air

PLC AB Compact Logix L33 ERM
HMI AB Panelview Plus 700
Servos 5 Axis, AB Kinetix 350 Drives
Side seal belt and sealer
End seal belt
Carriage motion control
Jaw Closure
Power 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 60 Amp
Air 1/2 CFM moisture free air at 60 psi

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