Shanklin Stainless Steel F-1AC DA, F-5AC DA, F-7AC DA Seal Shrink Wrappers

Shanklin FloWrap F-1AC Form-Fill Seal Shrink Wrap Equipment

At a Glance

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Removable washdown infeed
  • Up to 75 packages per minute
  • Side sealing

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Shanklin FloWrap F-1AC Form-Fill Seal Shrink Wrap Equipment Shanklin FloWrap F-1AC Form-Fill Seal Shrink Wrap Equipment

High-Speed Stainless Steel Shanklin F Series Wrappers

Fully automatic Shanklin FloWrap machines are continuous motion horizontal Form-Fill-Sealers designed to wrap packages effortlessly and efficiently. Built for peak performance, durability, and versatility, each FloWrap model includes numerous standard features and options that allow customization to application.

Fully automatic operation: For maximum speed and efficiency. Speed is adjustable at control console.
Versatile: Handles irregular shapes; product registration mode facilitates running of opaque films.
Solid performance: Produces 50-75 packages per minute (depending on application).
Easy to use: Programmable controller with user-friendly touch-screen control panel for ease of set-up, operation and maintenance; includes help diagnostics tool that automatically displays machine faults and corrective actions at the push of a button.
Easy changeover: Adjustable product spacing and end seal placement accommodate product length and spacing changes for fast and simple product size changeover.
Safe: Electrical controls are UL-listed for meeting the highest safety standard.

Drop-Through Infeed

Allows food fragments to fall through the infeed conveyor and land on the floor or in the optional collection buckets.
Eliminates build-up on infeed.
Maximizes uptime and sanitation.
Removable wash down infeed allows customers to remove the infeed from the wrapper for routine cleaning.
Great for pizza and other unstable food product applications!


The versatility of the F-1AC makes this system a top choice for shrink wrappers. Random or back-to-back product placement, the F-1AC will adjust conveyor speeds to ensure the right bag size every time. Along with product management, the F-1AC is packed with standard features to manage film such as the EZ-Load unwind, tear-free web guides, and a variety of sealer options to handle many types of film.

The F-1AC is available in powder-coated steel for general purpose applications, The F-1AC DA is USDA approved stainless steel for food applications.


Whether products are coming in via conveyor line, hand fed, or other means such as a feeder or hopper, the F-5AC has the widest variety of infeed conveyors to handle it. The F-5AC proudly holds the same features as the F-1AC to optimize produdct, film, and operator management. This includes the intelligence to troubleshoot faults via corrective action and capture multiple set-up settings via HMI recipies.

The F-5AC is available in powder-coated steel for general purpose applications, The F-5AC DA is USDA approved stainless steel for food applications.


Notably larger than the F-1AC, the F-7AC has all the same features and benefits only on a much grander scale. Oufitted with a 33" wide seal bar, package height and widths can get larger and still be wrapped with the efficiency operators come to expect from the FAC family of equipment.

This model is available in powder-coated steel for general purpose applications.

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Specifications of the F-1AC, F-5AC, and F-7AC

Specification F-1AC F-5AC F-7AC
Seal Jaw Width 19" (23" optional) 19" (23" optional) 33"
Max Product Height 6" (9.75" optional) 6" (9.75" optional) 10" (11.75" optional)
Min Product Length 3" 3" 5.5"
Max Product Length 120"+ with support conveyors 48" 120"+ with support conveyors
Max Product Width 16" 16" 26"
Conveyor Belt Width 13" 25" 25"
Max Film Width Folded 22" (30" optional) 22" (30" optional) 32"
Max Film Width Flat 44" or 60" 44" or 60" 60"
Conveyor Height Adjustable 31.5" - 37.5" w/o casters, 35.5" - 41.5" with casters
Package Speeds Up to 75 packages per minute
Longitudinal Seal Hot knife (Hot wire and pneumatic cool cut optional) Hot knife (Pneumatic cool cut optional)
Transverse Seal Sabre hot knife (Forge hot knife and SmartWire optional)
Power 230 Volts, 30 Amps, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Compressed Air 0.5 CFM moisture free air at 60 psi
Foot Print 4' x 10' 4' x 10.5' 5' x 15'
Ship Weight 1892 lbs 2092 lbs 2808 lbs
Safety Devices
Emergency stop button instantly stops all machine functions until manually reset
All safety components, such as E-stops and door interlocks, are mananged via a dual channel monitored safety circuit
Tamper-resistant controls
Low voltage sensors and actuators
Film clamp proximity sensors ensure safe sealing arm jaw closure
UL certified electrical chassis (Main electrical only)

Options of the F-1AC, F-5AC, and F-7AC

By selecting just the right combination of options, you can customize your Shanklin form-fill seal machine for the ultimate performance, efficiency and value!

Options F-1AC F-5AC F-7AC
Belted Infeed, Random Product Feed X X
Flighted Infeed with Quick Release Pushers X
Overhead or Side Harmonic Feed X
Flight Bar Infeed Conveyor X
Low Film Detection X X X
EZ Load Compact Centerfolder X X X
Print Registration X X X
Casters X X X
Swing Arm HMI X X
Custom Options X X X
Level Bottom Jaw X X X
No Product - No Bag Feature X

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your shrink equipment.

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