Shanklin Omni Wide Flight Infeed Module

Shanklin Omni Form-Fill Seal Shrink Wrap Single-Belt Infeed

At a Glance

  • Handles a variety of loaded multi-packs
  • Variety of pusher heights and configurations
  • Variety of product guide rail systems
  • Servo motion-control technology

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Shanklin Omni Form-Fill Seal Shrink Wrap Single-Belt Infeed

A Variety of Pushers and Guide Rails Handle a Variety of Loaded Multi-Packs

Standard 8' wide flight infeed conveyor provides the ability to manually or automatically load multi-packs in the machine width direction at speeds greater than 30 packages per minute.

Choose from a variety of pusher heights and configurations to accommodate various product shapes and a variety of product guide rail systems to fit a broad range of applications. Pusher pitch is adjustable to accommodate various product lengths. Optional extended lengths are available.

Features of the Omni Wide Flight Infeed Module

Unprecedented Package Capabilities - At a maximum overall product capacity of 19" wide and 9 1/2" tall, the infeed produces multi-packs that will improve retail shelf appeal.
Eliminates Rigid Secondary Packaging - Increased capabilities in shrink wrapping allows packagers to obsolete multi-pack boxes which saves time and money while reducing waste.
Versatile Pusher Design - Flight bar(s) and flight plate heights up to 7" tall. That's an improvement of up to 350% when compared to traditional flight bar infeeds, allowing packagers to produce new multi-pack configurations that will differentiate their products.
Easy to Load - A 6-foot usable loading area allows operators to load multi-packs at high speeds.
Flexible Design - The wide flight infeed can also can also be used for many flight lug applications eliminating the need to invest in additional machinery.
Effective Product Transfer Capabilities - The flight to wide belt conveyor design substantially improves product delivery to the film inverting head creating multi-packs as short as 4" or less.

Benefits of the Omni Modular Plug-and-Play Infeed System

Allows you to purchase different stand-alone infeed modules to meet changing product and/or process needs rather than purchasing a complete new wrapper for each new application.
Contract packagers are able to change infeeds to support varying packaging applications without the investment of purchasing a complete new system, allowing them to be more competitive and responsive.

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