Shanklin T-62 and T-72H Dual Chamber Shrink Heat Tunnels

The Shanklin T-62/T-72H Shrink Tunnel is designed for maximum performance with high-speed wrappers, solving a multitude of persistent wrapping challenges.

Shanklin T-71 and T-81 Extended Chamber Shrink Heat Tunnels

The Shanklin T-71/T-81 Shrink Tunnel is designed to handle high-volume, heat absorptive surfaces, and irregular shaped packages with ease.

Shanklin T-9 Large Capacity Shrink Heat Tunnel

Shanklin T-9 Large Capacity Shrink Tunnels are specially designed for packages too large or wide to fit through Shanklin T-7 tunnels. The T-9 is particularly effective for low-profile, wide or bulky products.

Shanklin T-7H 12" Shrink Heat Tunnel

Loaded with features and accessories, the highlight of the Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel has a higher tunnel opening designed to easily accommodate those medium- to high-profile packages that can pose frustrating wrapping challenges.

Shanklin T-6H 10" Shrink Heat Tunnel

The Shanklin T-6H Shrink Tunnel has a large opening with a 10 inch height to accommodate higher profile packages. You'll enjoy excellent high performance, versatile standard features, superior shrink capabilities, and value pricing that expands your packaging options.

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