Retail Snack Food Counter Display Assembly Services

Retail Counter Display Assembly Services

At a Glance

  • We manage large volumes of tighly scheduled counter displays
  • Bring convenience for store staff to position and re-place with little to no assembly
  • Counter shipper displays are designed for shipping and displaying your products all in one box

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Retail Counter Displays

Qual Pac will meet your need for fast and flexible inventory management, assembly, palletizing and distribution of your countertop displays.

Retail counter point-of-purchase caddy displays can be constructed from SBS paperboard, E flute corrugated material, as well as sturdy C flute corrugated material to create a counter shipper display.

Counter shipper displays provide cost-effective packaging for shipping and displaying your point-of-purchase products all in one box.

Versatile Cost-Effective Counter Shipper Displays

Corrugated point-of-purchase counter displays are designed and built to protect your products during shipping as well as conveniently display them on retail counters and shelves.

Counter Shipper Requirements
Efficiently act as both sturdy shipper and eye-caching display unit
Effectively protect your product during transit
Bring convenience for store staff to position and re-place with little to no assembly
Provide bold, clear branding and market-messaging for product promotion
All but place your product into customers' hands

Counter Display Management, Loading and Coordinated Distribution

Bring us your long-term ongoing retail counter display assembly, loading, palletizing and perfectly-timed distribution. We manage large volumes of tightly scheduled counter displays to provide the reliability you need.

We ensure your displays and products are received, inventoried, assembled, and distributed on time.

Qual Pac Display Assembly Teams Strengths
Receiving large volumes of display components and retail products
Warehousing with our custom scheduling program
Precise, efficient assembly of big runs of displays according to your specifications
Perfectly timed distribution of displays to your retail outlets

Contact Qual Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your display assembly services.

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