Cannabis and Marijuana Packaging

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Package your marijuana products legally, securely, beautifully.

Build your cannabis brand with fantastic full-color custom printed marijuana packaging that complies with state agency regulations. We are here to help you protect your edible and raw cannabis products with laminated films and stand up pouches that meet child resistent certification specifications.

Depending on your package size, only 100,000 minimum order quantities may be required.

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Building Your Cannabis Brand

Stand out in a growing marijuana marketplace and maintain brand loyalty with your own distinctive graphic package design.

We specialize in full-color custom printed films and pouches. Once we have established the dimensions of your film or stand up pouch, we can help you with templates for your graphic design team to place your art.

Protecting Your Marijuana Products

Keeping your edibles and raw marijuana products safe and secure is vital to your business, your retailers, and your consumers.

Our cannabis packaging films and pouches are made with the perfect combination of laminated layers that provide excellent moisture, vapor, light, and aroma barrier properties. Our films seal in your marijuana product's freshness and aroma, while keeping out moisture, oxygen and light.

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Cannabis Industry Legal Requirements and Regulations

Cannabis Industry Legal Requirements and Regulations

Many states across the US have legalized medical and or recreational marijuana - with more states projected to pass their own legalizing legislation. Though legal and regulatory requirements are similar across some states, many regulations are unique per state. And these packaging requirements continue to evolve and change.

We can design a packaging system that allows you to have strong printed packaging and very flexible methods to print what's needed as it's needed.

Child Resistant Certified Packaging

Getting a Child Resistant Certification for your cannabis packaging is essential. Following a few simple guidelines and specifications, we will produce the package samples you need to be CR certified. Once your samples pass CR testing, we will produce all the printed packages you need to go to market.

Your Full Service Cannabis Packaging Partner

We offer a complete range of high-speed packaging machines and consumable as well as custom-printed materials.

For your free-flowing products that are packaged by weight, install one of our vertical form fill seal bagging systems that runs flat laminate film. For single serving edibles, set up one of our horizontal flow wrappers that runs roll stock film. For lower production volumes of product that can be manually bagged in stand up pouches, work with one of our hydrogen flushing band sealers.

All of these systems can be fully equiped with additional printers to identfy unique SKUs utilizing universal material, to print date and batch codes, and to print legally required content on demand.

Give us a call at 888-318-0083 to talk about packaging your cannabis products.

Your Full Service Cannabis Packaging Partner