Sealed Air Ultipack Void Reduction Boxing System

Sealed Air Ultipack Void Reduction Boxing System

At a Glance

  • Automatically inserts a corrugated wedge on top of the box contents
  • Prevents contents from shifting during shipping
  • One system supports multiple pack stations while reducing the number of packers
Sustainability Tip

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Sealed Air Ultipack Void Reduction Boxing System
Sealed Air Ultipack Void Reduction Boxing System Box Example

Boxing System Reduces Material Usage and Increases Productivity

The Sealed Air Ultipack void containment system automatically inserts a corrugated wedge inside a tray on top of the box contents, locking them in place. This corrugated wedge prevents the contents from shifting during shipping.

One system can support multiple pack stations while reducing the number of packers. The package is neat and easy to open, creating a seamless unboxing experience for the consumer with a built-in tear strip.

Ideal for Fulfillment Applications

The Ultipack system is designed for fulfillment operations where the goal is to minimize costs — shipping, consumables, and operating — while optimizing productivity.

Unrivaled Customer Experience

Sealed Air's dedicated team of packaging professionals will work with you to design the custom Ultipack system solution that will meet the needs of your customers, and your packaging operation, adding value long after the carton is sealed.

Sustainable Solution: The 100% corrugated package is "curb-side" recyclable.
Excellent Customer Experience: The finished appearance of the package enhances brand image.
Unique Packaging Possibilities: The three pieces of the package can be printed differently.
Easy to Open: The built-in tear strip makes opening an easy pull.

Increase Fulfillment Velocity

Fully-automated, integrated solution.
Industry-best throughput.
The perfect material amount is used every time, eliminating waste.
Material can be sourced locally.

Improve Customer Experience

Package is neat and easy to open.
Innovative packaging solution enhances brand image.
Custom print to convey brand image.

Reduce Damage

Patented package construction keeps items secure in transit.
Additional cushioning can be auto-inserted when you need it.

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